HUMS2017 Conference

Committee, Contacts, Subscribing, Unsubscribing and Managing Newsletters




DR Wenyi Wang - HUMS Chair
MR Graham Forsyth - HUMS Co-Chair
DR Peter Frith
MR Scott Dutton
DR Tony Galati
DR Eric Lee
DR Cedric Rosalie
SQNLDR Samantha Hearne, RAAF
MR Brian Dykas (PhD), ARL
MS Joanna Kappas

CONTACTS: Enquiries regarding the HUMS Conference, such as abstracts and papers, should be sent to . Database management emails, including subscribe and unsubscribe messages should be sent to . Note email addresses are not case sensitive.

All information in the database which sends newsletters and other information is user maintained. The important commands, Subscribe, Unsubscribe and SubscribeInfo, must be placed in the Subject Line of an email, not in the text of the email. All commands are case insensitive. We have marked to be ignored such flags as [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] and [SEC=UNOFFICIAL].

Click on the Instructions Tab in the menu list on the left side of this page to open a page describing the most useful of these commands. This will open in a new window. Close that window to return here.

We intend to add subscribe and unsubscribe instructions to the end of all emails.